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July 17 2012


Psy 430

Rel133 - Team Prodigy consists of a very well maintained five team member group. The members bring different ideas, and concepts towards group projects, discussions, and other things that we take on as a team. From the establishment of team several classes ago, we have established a solid foundation between us. There have been times that working together has been a little rocky, but all team members are actively engaged in the work that is done by our group.
Rel 133 - Everybody in our team has different personalities, and with every personality brings his or her own strengths and weaknesses.   One of the biggest strengths that team Prodigy has is our ability to communicate well with each other. Since the creation of our specific team, we have been able to use our communication skills well enough to talk in our newsgroup and e-mail, while not having to meet in person with the exception of in class.  
Psy430 - Some of the individual strengths of our group members are having the capability to plan, and organize team activities, and actions. Another member has strength of keeping the group focused and to clarify the team goals. One of the team members has work experience that allows her to provide discussion group members seeking advice about certain aspects of work experience.   Two other strengths of one or more of our group members are being able to keep the team motivated and being able to manage any conflicts that arise and resolve any disputes.
I feel that I am the Shaper-Driver of the group.  
Psy 430 - According to the Beilby Employment Network, “The Shaper –Driver is the one who takes charge of specific projects and tasks in the group.   Their function is to give shape to the team’s efforts and to bring together the contributions of different team members into a clearly defined plan of action” (Beilby, 2003).   I try to promote ideas and views in a different light while offering suggestions and encouraging open communication between group members.

Psy 430
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